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Ainvo Disk Cleaner 2.4

Simple free utility to get rid of those unnecessary files that clog your disks
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Ainvo Disk Cleaner is a cute free utility that will locate all those unnecessary files that take up your valuable disk space and will get rid of them for you once and for all. The entire search and deletion process is fast and accurate, and you will find your disks free of temporary and junk files in no time.

Getting rid of all the temporary files that remain in your computer after uninstalling programs, converting files from one format to another, cancelling processes, etc., is not easy. And detecting those files that are simply left behind by programs that have the tendency of littering your system when performing their tasks is not as simple as it seems. Not all junk files are easily identifiable (not all of them carry the TMP extension), and only a few of them end up in folders that we can clearly label as temporary (such as TMP or TEMP) and therefore expendable. Many of them are stored within the folder structure of the program itself, and some others are simply scattered around your hard disks for no reason. Ainvo Disk Cleaner can help you in locating and destroying those annoying useless files.

The program will first show you a map of the selected drive, showing you how much free space you have left. Then, it will perform a deep search of all your folder structure looking for files that should no longer be there. You will be presented with a list of all the files labeled as junk by the program, and you will have the possibility of deleting only those you are sure you do not want any more, or trust Ainvo Disk Cleaner and grant it permission to shred all those useless files and archives at once. The cleaning process will start immediately after that, and you will be able to see for yourself how your disk grows as it gets cleaner and cleaner. Everything happens in just a few minutes, so that you can perform this useful cleaning task every now and then without wasting much of your time.

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